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eCLA Summit 2017 Vienna

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Grüß Gott G Stringers

A quick reply to the comment about my diary being atypical (I know I admitted it!), this week and next will be a carbon copy as we're off to Gdansk again to do another ship!

At the end of all that I will be going to Vienna to see all the lovely European CLAs, I've become almost civilised in my old-age so come and say hello I probably won't be drunk.

I've said this before, but I'll say it again, the CLA summits are one of the great gifts of our little world.

This year we have Richard Thomas and Pascal Heinen to thank/blame for the agenda and it looks right up my street. It's a proper anthology this year, we have  a good smattering of presentations on process, a fair bit on Teststand and Veristand, also some business oriented discussion. It all looks rather splendid.

It dawned on me this evening that I only have 2 normal working days left to get my presentation in order......PANIC!!!!! There might be some serious winging it going on, so I apologise up-front. Once again I've managed to do a presentation without any LabVIEW in it, but it does have some games.


As it's the 40th Birthday of my favourite comic (2000AD) here's a preview of one of my slides. Judgement Baby! (by one of the best artists in the world - Jock!, one day I shall own his art oh yes!.)








Opportunity to learn from experienced developers / entrepeneurs (Fab,Joerg and Brian amongst them):
DSH Pragmatic Software Development Workshop

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hola Summit 2017 Vienna 

muchas gracias por sus observaciones .

ojala  se nos de la oportunidad de trabajar en equipo le contare 

la historia . de seguro me comprende :),  Saludos