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Stop Using Images of Bad LabVIEW Software Please ...

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Hello My Lovelies,

Life has got in the way of writing blogs I won't deny it, but I think this is something for all LabVIEW content providers to consider.

When I google "LabVIEW Block Diagram" and select images I get a list of images and here's my breakdown / critique of these images....


I'll mark with a   -  These would be rejected at SSDC and a √ those that will be accepted.


1..3,6,9..11.16,17 too simple to make comment on

4 Simple, could be tidier 

5,9 is a mess of wires and white space 

7 is a mess with wires going all over the place ✗

8,13 a structureless mess ✗ (Sadly this example will be seen by many people new to LabVIEW)

12 OK 7/10  √

14 OK could be tidier  √

15 Pretty good  √

18-20 Could all be tidier 


The ratio is 50% really really simple, 35% ugly mess, 15% acceptable.


I could dig deeper, but I got bored. The summary is that if the image of the block diagram had any complexity to it, it was generally a bit of a mess. Generally this mess was due to no design and lack of care.


This makes me sad, because a nicely presented LabVIEW program can be a thing of elegance and beauty.


Some of these examples are actually examples of bad programming (I have been guilty of doing this too). But wouldn't it be better to lead by example, so rather than show ugly, unpleasant code, show code that demonstrates how LabVIEW helps you describe a solution to a problem.


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Stay Safe out there

Lot's of Love



Opportunity to learn from experienced developers / entrepeneurs (Fab,Joerg and Brian amongst them):
DSH Pragmatic Software Development Workshop

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