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Re: Rules for a More Interesting Life

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Hello Lovelies,

I've not really thought much about this until recently, but I've begun to live my life abiding by these rules. These are my rules and they work very nicely for me, please add your own in the comments.


1) Avoid chains.

I put a lot of effort into not staying in chain hotels and not eating in chain restaurants, with the tools available to us it is fairly easy to do to. A chain has to aim for a minimum level of competence, having a hotel where all the rooms follow a template or a coffee shop that always offers the comfort of the same menu is a waste of life IMO.


2) Eat and drink local.

When I go to a bar I always ask for the drink that is made closest. This supports local industry, reduces transport carbon and food/drink is usually better for not travelling. It also starts a conversation with locals.


3) Eat and drink away from the hotel.

I love travelling to new places, do not give into the temptation to go for the easy option. Go explore!


4) Watch live music in small venues (<2000)

I love live music and I've noticed that the stand-out musical experiences for me are in small venues. There are so many brilliant bands out there, you don't have to keep having this experience.



5) Avoid tourists they'll generally ruin your day.

I'll say it and you can shoot me down; Zoos are rubbish! I can't remember ever having a good time at a zoo. I would rather see a Coyote in the wild than a Panda in a zoo. I queued to see the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, it was disappointing, you could instead spend your time looking at this.



6)  Surround yourself with dogs.

They make everything OK



This is by a long way the most important thing I've posted. Now you know all my secrets!



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I find it very difficult to believe that we know all of your secrets.


I am with you about Zoos.... I'd say that the majority of the animalsinmates don't want to be there either.  Check out the documentary "Black Fish" if you want to see how the Orcas at Seaworld in the 80's & 90's felt about being caged up.


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It'll make me rage won't it.

I was in the queue for San Diego zoo. There are some huge, beautiful, slow beetles that buzz around and they fascinated me. One ventured too near the group of idiots, girls squealed, muscle vested idiot smacked the beetle out of the sky. Annoyed me for hours and kind of summed up zoos for me, people are more interested in having animals served up for them, than actually enjoying them in the wild.

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Love all of these, some I'm better at than others but I'm inclined to agree with most of them (unfortunately I'm told I have to wait til after the baby to get a dog!)


Having spent the weekend at Glastonbury I can't agree more about the music venues. Some of, if not all of, the best experiences I had were in small tents on the periphery over the big stages. And now I have a list of new bands to listen to instead of the same old stuff now I'm back. 

James Mc
CLA and cRIO Fanatic
My writings on LabVIEW Development are at devs.wiresmithtech.com
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And the truth of the matter is that the difference between a popular band and less popular is not usually based on important things (like artistic and musical ability), but more on how easy they are to manage, how they look and luck!

I saw this band at the Mohawk at NIWeek this year, they were stunning.

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It'll make me rage won't it.

Rage...yes.   A loose loose situation unfortunately.


Proven Zealot

Visiting Zoos only serve to highlight how little distance there is between us and other great apes.

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We watched the Orangs at Monkey World (rescue centre rather than zoo), and they were playing in their slow motion way. The distance is miniscule, even down to the fact that one of them was tricking the other just for the pure fun of it!

Proven Zealot

Just reading this for the third or fourth time......


Steve. In all honesty.  Are you going Hipster on us? Smiley Surprised

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Oooh that cuts to the quick!

I like to think of myself as a psychotic mixture of angry punk and mellow hippy. I might be mellowing with age tho......


Reading it back there's a bit of anger in there too, I feel vindicated...marginally.

Proven Zealot

Don't get me wrong.  I agree with nearly everything you write but it comes across differently when you read someone else's opinions.


If it helps to defuse the situation, if you qualify as Hipster, then maybe I'll give it a go. Smiley Tongue




Reminds me of a quote:

Person 1: Where are you going?

Person 2: I don't know.

Person 1: Cool, I'm going there too.


Knight of NI

4) Watch live music in small venues (<2000)

2000?  I consider 500 large.  Back in my concert going days, I was regularly rocking out with 50 - 100 people.  The best shows I recall had around the 500 people.  Any more and then you get stupid people who just want to press close to everybody.  Much prefer the mosh pits (circle pits were the best)!  My exception to that rule would be festivals with big open areas to run around.


5) Avoid tourists they'll generally ruin your day.

I could not possibly agree more.  I specifically remember a business trip I had to Kennedy Space Center.  Over the weekend, I did the tourist thing at the base and was horribly disappointed.  I had a lot more fun just sitting on an empty beach for an hour (helps that it was January and everybody was complaining that it was so cold, the high was 62F, I literally went home to a blizzard).


And when my parents went to Hawaii, they had all kinds of issues until they met up with a family friend who was stationed there.  He showed them all of the "local" areas (ie the places the tourists did not know about) and things were a lot nicer and cheaper.

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2000 is a maximum (all rules are there to be broken, more like guidelines really), but I concur, I love small venues and still enjoy a bit of a dance.