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Review of the year 2020 (spoiler - it sucked), but we're still here

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Greetings G Programmers,

Here's my review of a very strange year.



Marginally better than last year, our partnership with Sierra Peaks is really beginning to come good and that's great because the UK has been pretty flat. I've noticed a slight change in our business, where we are being brought in to add "Grey Hair" to a project. This is a new term to me (Jonny got it from a job he was working on), and I love it as my hair is going quite grey now.


Here's some of what we worked on this year - 

Tow tank

2 Laboratory Management Systems

SingleShot Mini (PicoITX based server)

Singleshot improvements

Switch testing system

Hydro-electric Dam Bearing control system

Laser Pollution Testing truck

Semi-conductor bonder

Aerospace Actuator Test System

University Lab Improvements


Work DSH Workshops

This is growing quite nicely and organically, I'm forecasting this will grow a bit more in 2021 and take off in 2022....

We started and are quite proud of VIWeek and the GLASummit, we also did some very enjoyable online events and launched our FFF (Foundations Fast Forward) offering. We now have a lot of material and are not afraid to use it!


Work GDevCon

We had to put GDevCon into hibernation for the year, we'll be back in 2021! Various online things served as a replacement and were pretty great!



James Mac has taken over the organisation of CSLUG and is obviously doing a better job than me, so that's lovely, good job James. Hopefully we'll get to meet up in 2021!



Mostly Bedroom-->Kitchen-->Office-->Living Room-->Bedroom and repeat



I've been fortunate to live in a house with the people I most want to be with. I'm quite good at making bread now.



Weirdly I feel privileged that this is the saddest thing to happen to us this year. But I miss her.


I'm going to repeat what I said last year, because I think we deserve it even more now ..


How about this for a new years resolution for everyone.

Surround yourself with things that make you happy and reduce the things that don't.

Let's do positive things in January, rather than removing perceived excesses. I'd like to see a "self-pampering January" rather than diets and gym memberships. How about a starting 2020 full of art, music, laughter. dogs and treats.


Also take some joy from looking after each other, find someone or something you really want to look after and make their lives as great as you possibly can. It's quite possible that it will be reflected back upon you.


Lastly I'd like to thank everyone who's kept in touch, I don't do Christmas cards, but if I did yours would have a lovely long message in it!





Opportunity to learn from experienced developers / entrepeneurs (Fab,Joerg and Brian amongst them):
DSH Pragmatic Software Development Workshop

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