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Re: Preview 2021

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Happy New Year my wonderful LabVIEW friends,

Because my preview of for 2020 was such a resounding failure, I thought I would have a bash at previewing 2021!


I pretty much got nothing right at all....


My big forecast for 2021 is that you will see a lot less of me, I feel like I have nothing I really want to say now. This may change, but that's my current feeling.


From a blog perspective I will carry on exploring human language and design when time and inspiration allows, but I don't have much more that I want to add on other subjects.


I don't expect to be presenting much at events, maybe the odd panel here and there.



2020 ended with a bang, we finally got the order that I've been chasing for years! It's actually more than we have earned in the last couple of years. This is massive for us. So already we have more orders, WIP and money owed than we have had for years....next stress is finishing it all!


This is an immense relief after a couple of tough years.



Time to round up the gang and get this ball rolling again....

Our lovely customers and sponsors have mostly entrusted us with their money from last year. The plan is CERN in Sept 2021. The assumption is that the world will be pandemic free and travel will be a thing again....


And what else?


Do you know what, I don't know...


DSH Workshops has a huge amount of potential and I really want it to take off, we have an awful lot to offer.


When travel starts I want to return to New Mexico (I have a promise of a brewery tour in downtown ABQ to cash in)

We are also owed a road-trip from last year (Joerg and I were going to do Route 66)


But most of all I want everyone to get vaccines and be clear of this disease for good. I don't want to see another face mask ever again!


Have a great new year, keep safe and germ free.....we're nearly at the end of this.

Lots of Love




Opportunity to learn from experienced developers / entrepeneurs (Fab,Joerg and Brian amongst them):
DSH Pragmatic Software Development Workshop

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After the world-wide Pain and Suffering of 2020 (some countries, cough-cough, faring worse than others), surviving until 2021 is a feat to be celebrated!


Steve, you continue to be an inspiration to the LabVIEW community.  Please continue to delight us in 2021 (as I am confident you will).


Bob Schor

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Congrats on the big end of year order Steve.

Matt J | National Instruments | CLA