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Re: Preview 2020

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Happy New Year Petals!

I reckon there's some interesting things a brewing for 2020....

One theme for the new year is that I need to spin fewer plates. Let us see how that pans out!



There are 2 areas I would like to expand on in presentation and blog form.


*The one that's going to unfold in the next couple of years is the rereading of source-code back into human language. I think this will give a simple way to express the simplicity/complexity discussion. I'm very hopeful about this as I find Coupling, Cohesion etc difficult to put across and don't get me started on SOLID principles!


I'd also like to explore assertiveness in our interactions (and with ourselves), I think it's quite important in our dealings with other humans..



Looking forward to GDevCon#3 at CERN in September, keep an eye out for tickets as there will be a limited amount available. Presenting at CERN was one of the highlights of my showing off career so I expect some exceptional presentations! Personally I doubt if I will present at GDevCon again, it made me uneasy being so involved in the organisation and then presenting. Dammit  presenting at CERN is cool tho'....



Excitingly there's going to be a GDevConNA#1 in Boulder CO, July 2020. Sam Taggart has put together a great team and I'm extremely confident that this will be another fantastic community event.


DSH Workshops

We're very excited about this offering and there are interesting conversations going on with NI. If I got my way then I think the experienced community could offer some great training and get paid for it. We are also looking at offering on-site training. I think 2020 will shake things up in the world of LabVIEW team development.

It would be nice to offer a workshop at NIWeek, GDevCon and GDevConNA too if all things pan out. I would also like us to expand the workshop into a longer form to give some of the material time to breath and maybe add new mentors. 



I have a couple of presentation opportunities, I'm actually hoping that the easy one will get accepted and I can then ditch the difficult one*. More details to follow..



2019 ended with an email that had 4 potential jobs on it, any of which could secure work for years to come. Because "potential" doesn't pay the bills we're going to be firing lasers into clouds, wafer bonding, making fibre-optic cable and actually doing some factory work.

I'd really like some more maritime work too, I do like a shipyard.


Lots of Love


Opportunity to learn from experienced developers / entrepeneurs (Fab and Joerg amongst them):
DSH Pragmatic Software Development Workshop

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Happy 2020 to All!


Not to sideline any of the other topics you wrote in this blog - I just wanted to point those interested, to a this discussion on Cohesion and Coupling. The interaction itself is stimulating, given some industry big-wigs participating. I also found the host's response to a commenter quite apt. Image is captured below.




Looking forward to your continued ramblings on this topic and others!



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I like a sideline Vishak and I thank you for linking that video,


I'm going to study it quite closely as in amongst the conversation is some nice linking of natural language and coupling/cohesion.


My current (early) thinking is that if I was writing a book on this the chapters would look something like this...


Language and models - looking at diagrams and how natural language describes them.

The Psychology of translating  and describing code

Complexity and Simplicity




Common Architectures 1 - State Machines

Common Architectures 2 - QMHs

Messaging Systems (including actors)





Each chapter/article would tie together how natural language helps differentiate good design from bad design. My theory is that good design is easy to describe in natural language.

There's a lot to be done on this and I think I have some of the threads sorted, it's just tying it together into a coherent approach. 


Natural Software Design!


Opportunity to learn from experienced developers / entrepeneurs (Fab and Joerg amongst them):
DSH Pragmatic Software Development Workshop

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I liked the video.  Especially:


Loose Coupling enables us to make changes to parts of our code (without the changes rippling through everything). High Cohesion helps us determine exactly where to make that change. 

Sam Taggart
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