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Ping Dialog

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Happy Thanksgiving! or Merry Thankfulmas as I like to call it.

As a grumpy, anti-social, vegetarian Brit the thing I'm most thankful about is that we don't do thanksgiving here. (and don't get me started about Black Friday!!!)

To make up for my grumpiness I thought I'd share this useful little dialog. I've deliberately made it using only primitives as part of my war on dependencies, feel free to make some subVIs if this offends you.


It displays the network addresses available on the PC and then parallel pings everything on the selected subnet. It then allows you select a target IP Address, which it outputs. I'm using it to load images onto selected cRIOs in case you were wondering

Hope it saves you some time, time you could spend with your family or in a traffic jam

Lots of Love and gratitude


It's LabVIEW 2015 btw


Nice example and it does show a use of enabling Iteration Parallelism in For Loops. Unless you are using 64 logical processors then you are also oversubscribing the parallel instances which looks to work well as the 'ping' operation will have plenty of waiting time.


One interesting (I find it interesting) point is if you use retain wire values and highlight execution then everything appears to stop when execution reaches the for loop, then looks to skip to the output nodes after some time. Dropping a probe on any of the wires inside the for loop will return 'No Debug Info'. I guess this is not unexpected but still something to consider if using this feature.


Nice work as always.

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Thanks matey, as I did it I thought it would make a good example, I often need a real world advantage for it to stick in my head.

Regarding the debugging issue, that's a really good point. I think that's why I resist doing "clever". I love debugging and anything that gets in the way is a huge disadvantage IMO. In this case the use case weighs in favour of (performance) vs (ease of debugging), but that is actually a rarity in our code.

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 Just in case that this is not general knowledge: You can enable debugging in the properties of the For Loop Iteration Parallelism dialog windows (what a name!):




Edit: It's worth mentioning that execution is done sequentially if debugging is enabled.

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How does that then differ from not having parallel execution set?? Need to do some tests I think.

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I think it just lets you debug your code without having to rewire it (i.e. changing the for loop on the block diagram back to sequential execution).

Joerg Hampel | CLA, LabVIEW Champion, DQMH Trusted Advisor | hampel-soft.com | alarchitects.org | gdevcon.com | bit.ly/WUELUG