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Re: LabVIEW is neither easy or optional!!!!!

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Happy Weekend Wielders of the little Wiring Tool thing.


Our book "A Software Engineering Approach to LabVIEW" was published in 2003, we actually started writing it in 2001. A telling passage is shown below


"We have often complained to all those who would listen that the marketing of LabVIEW is a huge millstone. In our opinion, LabVIEW is an extremely feature-rich, mature, and robust software development environment. Unfortunately, LabVIEW is portrayed, and regarded, as an easy tool for those wishing to write applications but who have little or no software engineering or programming experience.

It is true that easy things are easy to do in LabVIEW, as indeed they are in many other comparable languages such as Visual Basic. But, go beyond a quick data acquisition (DAQ) application and often chaos ensues. Why? Because a large majority of the LabVIEW community have little or no experience in software engineering or programming"


And I always thought it was curious that you could spend $$$$$ on a license for LabVIEW and yet only use 4 VIs to get and report a measurement.


The marketing campaign that caused me the greatest pain was

LabVIEW is Easy

Nope it's not


So for years we've banged away at this, and last year we made some progress. Apparently NI Marketing and Sales peeps should now not be saying LabVIEW is Easy.



Instead we have




"Programming is optional"



Well that's much better............



I'm being sarcastic!!!




For anything >"hello world" it's mandatory!!!!!



Deep breathes and a Gin & Tonic I think


Have a great weekend


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I've had a client who expected to integrate quite big system in almost zero time, because "LabVIEW is just blocks and wires, what's hard in this?". And now I know I should be glad with "LabVIEW is Easy". With NXG marketing he'd be expecting exactly zero time, because "Programming is optional" Smiley Very Happy 


(Fun fact: LabVIEW NXG Core 1 & 2 courses enter dreaded programming topics at about 2:30 hour mark and never leave them. That is about 5-10% of "Non-optional" content in the course).

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And disappointed customers don't come back. The shame of it is, is that LabVIEW is really really good. You'd think that would be enough!

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Never has the difference between engineering and marketing been so bloody obvious (and mutually deleterious) than with NI.


I'd love to play a game of rugby against NIs marketing strategists..... I can't play rugby but that wouldn't be a problem.....


I'm glad the last 15 years of programming was easy and now unnecessary.  Smiley Very Happy

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Which is very nearly precisely what I said (add a few effs and geoffs for flavour)