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Jolly Boys Outing to Galway

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Hello Jolly People,

Sometimes this profession can make you feel rich indeed and every now and then SSDC decide to do things mainly for the craic.

So I decided to go present at Developer Days 2018 Galway - the business reason - fun!

We flew into Dublin and hired a big ol' wagon and Adrian drove to Galway (I'm not allowed as my driving makes Jonny tense).

Barring hotel and flight **bleep**-ups all went smoothly. Stayed in a fairly posh hotel by the river and ate pies at The Piemaker. I had to give up early because of germs!


So why should you go present at a Developer Days? Well it's a relaxing easy going pace, it's good for networking and from a small consultancy perspective it's actually a good sales opportunity. Pick a part of the world you like and go check it out. Expect a crowd of about 15-40.


I presented on Lean LabVIEW (a formalising and focusing of a lot of stuff here) and I think it went down OK. It's hard to tell because Irish engineers seem to be very quiet! I did get some feedback that the error handling part was useful and would be implemented in a project. Which is nice...


I enjoyed the other presentations too, so grand job all. Sadly my colleagues discovered the hotel bar after lunch and that was the last I saw of them!


After the event I went out for dinner with the NI contingent and excellent company they were. I led them down to a very strange bar under a building and I talked too much and lost my voice.


Next day was a visit to a car components manufacturer and powered by Strepsils and Ibuprofen I managed to do a good job of selling for a competitor! I was asked at one point what I wanted from the visit...um tricky one, mainly the whole trip was done for a laugh.


And the lesson from this fable is just that, sometimes you should just do stuff for a laugh.

Lots of Love




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sorry to read you got sick on your trip but glad you still were able to enjoy it.


Life is too short to work on projects and do things that are not interesting or bring us joy. 

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Our rule is if we don't want to do it, we raise our price until we do want to do it Smiley Happy