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I'm not being critical but... (Re-use) Part 4

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As I'm preparing for my presentation at ALVIN tomorrow it occurred to me that there was one aspect of this discussion about Environment VIs vs Project VIs that could be improved quite easily.


So just to clarify.


Most if not all of the VIs in these directories can be edited or replaced. This will potentially cause changes across all of your projects on this machine and undo these changes when you load your project on a new machine. This somewhat makes a mockery of source code control.

I think it would be good to have some warning of this. Something akin to the following dialog box would work.


Personally I would go further and move the affected VI into the project directory, but this at least explains the ramifications rather than silently causing chaos in your code-base.

I think we're getting close to having this idea thrashed out now.


Here's where I'm staying for the week (I'm a lucky lad really)


Lots of Love


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Here are a couple of ideas in the Idea Exchange you might want to consider:

"Save All" needs a soft barrier to prevent accidental use

Make the VI's from the "vi.lib" Read-only

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Cheers Tim

I'd go further and attach the same rules to instr.lib and user.lib too.

Also I really should check the Idea Exchange out more often.

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When I create vipm packages, I always add a post install vi which makes them all read only.  I don't want anybody changing them.  If they need to change, then you have to go back to the source, change it and rebuild.  It seems to work. 


Seems to me you could write a simple vi or script to find everything in vi.lib and make it read only.

Sam Taggart
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Sam, I do a similar thing for source distributions and add a random password. 

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I'm actually not sure whether my following post should be taken seriously at all....


Why aren't these things extendable as opposed to editable? Make all the code in these directories members of read-only classes which can only be modified by overriding them and explicitly using the child versions in code.  That way, you'll at least have to put the child somewhere (in your project) and it's clear in your code that you're using a different version.


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