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Re: DSH Workshops/GDevCon News

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Hello Lovelies,

Hope you're sleeping better than me at the mo'.

I have lots of news for you, the LabVIEW eco-system is in rude health and we're in for some interesting times ...




GDevCon is only 4 weeks away and the agenda can be found here.... I think you'll agree that there's some proper interesting stuff in here and there's going to be some surprises too.

Our wonderful sponsors have stepped up again this year, check them out here... without their community spirit we would really struggle. Keep you eyes open for some stunning sponsor news coming this Monday. 


As we're in a much larger venue this year we still have space so get your tickets bought. Once again we've got an excellent group of attendees from all over the world, we appreciate you all.


Bildschirmfoto 2019-06-26 um 11.08.56.png


Another new thing for GDevCon is that we're trialling workshops this year and from an interest perspective the trial has been a huge success. We've only gone and sold out! Thanks to all attendees for trusting Fab, Joerg and I with a day of your lives. We have a very full day planned so pack your big brains. Here's a sneaky preview of the agenda. The timings are not to be trusted at this stage as we're packing a lot in. Details will follow for attendees nearer the date.




For more info check here.


We're planning on doing more of these and are trying to organise one in Munich after NIDays Europe. Contact us if you're interested in attending.


Hopefully the success of this will lead to other workshops, think of a subject and pick 2 or 3 leaders in the field. I have a few in mind and will be tapping them up after GDevCon.


If you're travelling to Brum (Birmingham) I look forward to seeing you in a month. Travel safe.

Lots of Love




Hello Steve,


I'll be missing what promises to be a great GDevCon presentation line-up this year. Your session topic, in particular, is one that I have been pondering and pottering about.


Non-nested finite state machines (FSMs) seem straightforward enough - implementable through the various sub-topics you touch upon in your presentation. Such FSMs have also been addressed through The State Pattern in the Gang of Four book of patterns, if one chooses to go the OOP way.


Nested state machines, i.e. hierarchical state machines (HSMs) seem to have an elegance about them; but I'm having difficulty translating them in the LabVIEW world. Almost all examples I could find online are based on languages that primarily pass arguments by reference, making HSMs easier to implement there than in our favorite, by-value language.


It appears the LabVIEW Statechart module can be used for HSM implementation. However, I haven't seen much chatter in the NI fora about this.


Do you have any thoughts on implementation of HSMs in LabVIEW or its Statechart module?



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Hey Vishak,

I do indeed have thoughts, and will write them up after my presentation, no spoilers I'm afraid. It will be video'd tho'.

I've used the statechart module and it's predecessor and they do a job, but they tend to fall by the wayside because they are secondary to LabVIEW (i.e. an additional toolkit outside of LabVIEW).

I'm actually having good success with how we're using state machines now and it makes for some nice easy code, and I like easy!

I expect it will be much easier than HSMs tho'


Awesome! Looking forward to the write-up(s) / video(s). Smiley Happy


Yup, making code easy is the fun, but hard, but fun part.




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I'm in two minds about what I should think of "Neuroptimal" being a sponsor of a conference of scientists and engineers...... I started reading about it and it certainly seems...... alternative.

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Have you seen the LabVIEW State Diagram Toolkit:



It used to be an addon then it went away until Ben, one of the LabVIEW Champions, asked NI if they would release it again and include it in the license. 

It allows you to do some prototyping of state machines, and when you are done, you can right-click on the diagram and disconnect the editor or keep it connected to the editor. If you have not tried it out, I recommend checking it out.




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There is also a fantastic tool by IAR - Visual State


Though the website is pretty dull, some introduction can be found here:



It is a very powerful Hierarchical - concurrent state machine editor and validator. Besides visualizing your design, it allows you to analyze potential deadlocks, and state deadends, as well as simulate machines including testing against stimuli files. 


However, the most nixie feature is that it generates C code directly from diagrams.