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Component Builder

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Howdie Doodie Lovelies

Here's a bit of scripting that I lashed together to generate what we call components (what others call action engines). It's quite useful to us and the link elsewhere has gone missing.

See you in Madrid, CLA summit here we come!

Sorry bit rushed for more words

Love Steve


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Any chance of a LV2014 version for us lesser mortals?  Scratch that, I borrowed a machine from a colleague!


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I was just too slow this morning!

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I should have got off my butt before asking for a LV2014 version. 


I have had a quick look, you guys take consistency and repeatability to a whole new level, nice one.  


I had a play a while ago creating a QD shortcut that allows me to save the state of a VI (starting icon image, connector pane, things like that) as a sort of template and then to load that saved state into new VIs as I need them but I hadn't considered doing it to the level your builder does.  I think my shortcut may be due a revision....... or ten.


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The best use I've got from it, is when I was creating a new instrument driver from the PDF manual.

Cut and paste from PDF, bit of formatting, load file and all commands and comments sorted.

Enforcing standards by making life easier is the key!

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...you didn't automate the reading from PDF?....slacker Smiley Very Happy


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Hi Steve,


Thanks for sharing this. I could not get my old link to the original posting. Now I know where to find it next time I need to show it. 


I use it as an example of how the Component Builder is a good example of a team investing in their technical wealth Smiley Happy





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No Problem, glad it's of use.

I really should aim to make it a micro-service and finish it off at some point.