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Aw you guys..............

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In my opinion the LabVIEW community is just full of lovely people!!

I missed going to the eCLA Summit as I'm presenting at NIWeek and very jealous I was sat in my office trying to get ODS documents to work (all sorted now hopefully).

So imagine my surprise when I was presented with this jacket all autographed up.


Zooming in


Some will see Jeff K but all I can see is Jeff X.... Well I you too Mr Kodosky.

I have one complaint about the beer!


It was a little dry! (I blame Mr Roebuck)

I hear it was Oli that organised it, so many thanks my friends, I was very touched!

Look here's a picture.


Much Love


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Look, they sent you a jacket, but now you can't wear it... 

Seriously, though, that's pretty cool.

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I resisted the intense desire to write "Steve sucks" on it.

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LabVIEW people are good people!

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Most of them.

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You were truly missed. Hope you can make it next year Smiley Happy.

BTW, really liked the pot in the background of your beer bottle Smiley Wink

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Sorry the bottle was dry (hic)

It was not the same without you mate but I totally agree, there's a bloody decent bunch of people in this community

Don't forget to give Kudo's for a good answer !

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Some of my most precious things there!