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Reading DDS partitions

I am trying to write a LabVIEW program that reads DDS messages from an already running / established program.  The program sends out messages on a partition, and I can't get LabVIEW to read (or write) on any partition other than the default no partition.  I have a QoS xml file that appears to be working otherwise with the partition tag in it.


In troubleshooting, I have used the shapes demo (the canned RTI writer with the LabVIEW reader) and published 2 shapes (a red and blue square).  The blue square is on partition B and the red square is not on a partition.  No matter what I do with the QoS, LabVIEW always sees the red square and never sees the blue square.  I examined the wireshark read request messages sent by both LabVIEW and another instance of the RTI shapes demo and noticed that the RTI one contains a "PID_PARTITION" field (with the "B" as a data element within it), however, the LabVIEW read request message does not contain the "PID_PARTITION" field.  


What am I doing wrong, and how do I get LabVIEW to read partitions?


LabVIEW 2017, RTI DDS Toolkit, RTI 5,3.1 (for shapes demo and from what I'm told, the other program I need to interface with)

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Hi Jeff,


As partitions are part of the publisher and subscriber QoS, they are affected by a bug which affects RTI DDS Toolkit 2.0.0 and 2.1.1 which avoid loading publisher and subscriber QoS. This will be fixed for the following release.




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