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NI System Configuration IPAddr Property Fouls up RTI DDS Writers

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I am using LV2018 on a RT Linux Target and have found that opening a NI System Configuration Session and obtaining the IPAddr property will hose up the ability to open a RTI DDS writer.  If I remove the IPAddr property everything works fine.  Any Ideas what could cause this to happen?



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Actually it turns out that the IPAddr property is fine, it is the string itself that seems to be incompatible with the write cluster I am using.  For some reason any strings like that begin with a numeric do not work.

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When you create a writer with a string containing a numeric value, it uses that value as the maximum length of the string. Perhaps that is related to what you are seeing? 

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Thanks!  That was really driving me crazy as I was unintentionally wiring a numeric string constant into my complexType when I created the Writer.

Starting to really like the RTI DDS toolkit.  It is a totally underappreciated tool gifted to us by NI.

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