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Looking for information on associating controls with existing IDL definitions

This might be a simple question but I couldn't find existing information on the forums or in the documentation so my apologize if I missed something.


We are currently trying to integrate a LabView application using the RTI DDS Toolkit with a 3rd party pre-existing application that uses DDS. IDL's for the custom data types are provided. I have found how to generate .idl files from controls using the ComplexType generator but I'm having a hard time finding information on how to go the other way (take an .idl and emit a .ctl).


Is it possible to just draw a control that has the same memory layout and have it work as long as the type names match and the topic/domain are correct on the reader/writer?



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Hi dstephen 


Unfortunately, we do not provide any way to convert an idl into a ctl. You have to do it manually. It is possible to create a ctl equivalent to and idl, you only need to use the LabVIEW equivalent types. You can find them in the Getting Started Guide (available by clicking on Help->RTI DDS Toolkit->Open Getting Started Guide) Appendix C Supported Data Types and Corresponding IDL. 


For setting the arrays sized and strings lengths refer to the Getting Started Guide section 6.2 "Types with a Specific String Size" and section 3.4.3 "Preventing 'Type Code Incorrect' Error when Working with Arrays". Also, have a look at section 4.6 "Lesson 6—Used Nested and Multiple Keys".


Those indications are for RTI DDS Toolkit 2.2.0. If you have a different version section numbers might be different.




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