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Ignore Post - Error Code 1 on ROS Topic Read in .exe

Ignore this.  Seems this is the incorrect Ros for LabVIEW toolkit. 


Hi There.

I'm subscribing to several Ros topics using ROS for LabVIEW.  Whenever I test the program using the development code it seems to work fine.  I've attached a simple vi as an example of what I am doing. 

My state machine consists of:

Check Master:  Fail results in a new check for master.  Success --> Initialize

Initialize: Ros Topic Init

Listen: Ros Topic Read, Parse Header, Parse Data, Check Timestamp to confirm good data. 

If Sequence = 0 or Data is old (> 20 seconds) then Re-Initialize Topic.


When I run the vi, it works fine.  I may or may not get the pop-up for the Master IP address.  It appears that previous selections are saved to some preference file somewhere.  Anyways, when I build an executable and run that, it indicates that the master is there, but I get the following error. 


Error Code 1

Dequeue Element in>>


I'm not doing anything special with building the executable, except I have allowed for debugging the application. 

When I do try to debug the code, I find the global variable FIFOQ (located in is empty. 

Anyone seen this before? 




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Re: Ignore Post - Error Code 1 on ROS Topic Read in .exe


I did not ignore your post because I have the exact error you have. I digged deeper and found a somewhat complex implementation using a lot of globals, locals and a vi-server calling a vi that is not mentioned. Adding that vi to my code did not help either. I finally gave up.

Can you tell me what toolkit is the correct one to use for ROS communication in a LabVIEW executable?

Patrick de Boevere

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Re: Ignore Post - Error Code 1 on ROS Topic Read in .exe

I was using ROS for LabVIEW by Tufts University.  From my understanding, this group is for those using ROS Toolkit by Clearpath Robotics.  

In the end I ended up taking ROS messages and sending those via UDP to a LabVIEW routine that uses the .msg file information to parse them.  



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Re: Ignore Post - Error Code 1 on ROS Topic Read in .exe

I got some ROS communication working in an exe.

In the code I added the Tufts CEEO ROS for LabVIEW Software directory to the Project and, in the Build Specifications – Source Files I selected the 5 vi’s in the NewROS subdir of that library and copied them in the Always Included section.

Perhaps this helps.


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