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C Series Module Development Kit - NI cRIO-9951

Product Overview

The NI cRIO-9951 MDK Suite helps users, OEMs, and system integrators develop custom modules to meet unique system needs. The kit includes CompactRIO module development software and the CompactRIO Module Development Kit user manual. Additionally, the kit features housing module shells and testing to the NI CompactRIO electrical hardware power specification. Testing by National Instruments does not include any electromagnetic certification (EMC) or safety certification testing. Purchase the module development kit and sign the distribution agreement if you wish to resell or market your module individually or stand-alone.

The NI cRIO-9951 MDK Base is for internal-only distribution or for designers packaging a custom CompactRIO or NI Single-Board RIO value added reseller (VAR) system. The kit is for academic and internal-only use, and does not include support or certification testing. NI recommends you purchase certification testing for the CompactRIO electrical specification to ensure your custom module operates properly within a CompactRIO system. Do not purchase this kit if you plan to market or resell a custom module independently.

Hardware Overview

A  CompactRIO module circuit board is 0.062 in. thick and has outer dimensions of 2.889 in. × 2.600 inches.  All CompactRIO module designs use the female, high-density 15-position DSUB connector. The maximum height on the primary side is 0.530 in. The maximum height on the secondary side is 0.104 in. The maximum width for the I/O connector is 2.889 in. The maximum connector height above the PCB is 0.530 in. and the maximum connector height below the PCB is 0.104 in. The maximum pin length is 0.166 in. from the top of the PCB for through-hole parts. This is the same as the guidelines for components.  The maximum backshell height above PCB is 0.670 in., and the maximum backshell height below PCB is 0.150 in. You should design your module to meet thermal guidelines for proper operation to 70 °C ambient temperature.  NI has defined two thermal guidelines, with the maximum being 1.5 W total dissipation at 30 °C temperature rise and 100 °C rated components.

Software Overview

After you develop the hardware and program the module EEPROM, you must create driver VIs for the module. End-users of CompactRIO modules interact with standard modules using high-level Device I/O functions, which hide the details of the physical interface to the module. These I/O functions are provided by the NI-RIO software. As a custom module developer, you must develop driver VIs that abstract the LabVIEW FPGA module programmer from the complexities of the module-specific logic.  To simplify programming, you can create driver VIs using the LabVIEW FPGA Module and the cRIO-generic plug-in. The cRIO-generic plug-in enables you to access the signals in the module interface with the Digital Input and Digital Output I/O functions.


cRIO-9951 MDK Base

cRIO-9951 MDK Suite

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Data Sheet

See the attached file to learn more about the NI cRIO-9951 product.

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Re: C Series Module Development Kit - NI cRIO-9951


   I'm developing the software driver for a custom C module hardware developed by my customer. Now I'm ready to write and read data, but seems that something is wrong detecting the module, as the fpga utility return the "invalid" status.

    Can you help me?

    In the attach you can found the EEPROM content, the XML file, a screen capture, and a capture of the signals between chasis and module to show that process is ok (it decodes the SPI communication with the internal EEPROM of the module).


    Thanks and regards

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Re: C Series Module Development Kit - NI cRIO-9951

Hi Jaumemar_


I'd recommend posting this to the MDK Developer Forum. It's a private forum, but if you purchased the MDK (cRIO-9951) you should have access. Send me a private message if you have questions about access.

Andrew T.
"His job is to shed light, and not to master" - Robert Hunter
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Re: C Series Module Development Kit - NI cRIO-9951


I had purchased cRIO mdk

How could i get the access to the private forum

What are the steps i should follow to access the mdk developers private forum


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