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GPS L1 L2 Lock: NI RF Multi-Channel Record and Playback for GPS

One recent use case of the NI RF Multi-Channel software was for GPS record and playback. We moved a rack of NI RF analyzer and generator (PXIe-5663Es/PXIe-5673Es) equipment to the roof of a NI campus parking garage, and recorded signal from a Novatel GPS antenna using three separate PXIe-5663E analyzers. One analyzer was tuned to L1 (1575.42 MHz), the second to L2 (1227.60 MHz), and the third to L5 (1176.45 MHz). NI-RFSA Multi-Channel Acquisition Example was the software used for recording to disk.

Data was recorded for one hour to a NI HDD-8265 RAID0 array of hard drives.

The signal was then regenerated using NI-RFSG Multi-Channel Generation Example. The three generator outputs were combined with a power combiner, and connected to a Novatel GPS receiver. The GPS receiver successfully achieves a L1 and L2 lock, as shown in the screenshot of the Novatel CDU software for interfacing with their GPS receivers. The specific GPS receiver used does not support L5, but the antenna used to acquire the GPS signals does pass L5 through. So, although we are confident the L5 signal we recorded alongside L1 and L2 is good, we are unable to verify it with the specific GPS receiver we had access to at the time of this test.

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