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separating a device too 2 different signals or anything that will do the same

I don't know where to post this in terms of location apologize for that in advance. My issue to summarize is I am using pyvisa library in visual studio to connect to a N1914A power meter to get data from it every time a fault occurs in a RI test so if something changes in the room. When this occurs on occasion my program will take the measurement from the power meter at the same time that nexio was making a request so my read request will take both nexio write and my write request data. At the moment my code is just using a basic write then read request and that is all I added a *WAI as a attempt but not much changed with using that. Both my code and nexio must run at the same time and they both must request that data from the same power meter. Is there a way I can take the same device and make two separate connections on NI max to have those request not interfere with each other or is there any method to have them not interfere with each other.


freq = sigGen.read()
pw = pmFoward.read()
that code is all I use besides setting up the actually connection defining sigGen and pmFoward. 
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