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network link between 5660 and 5670

network link between 5660 and 5670

Hi . I want to transmit real time data or video between two PXI controllers Like transfer files between two controller just as if they were connected through ethernet cable.. One controller will be connected to RFSG and other with RFSA. I want to know that how can I do that ? also I read that RFSG and RFSA can be linked LAN..

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Re: network link between 5660 and 5670



Do you know where or what you read in regards to linking RFSA/RFSG via LAN? I'm not exactly sure what kind of link or configuration that would be referring, so any direction you can give would help me get down to what you're looking for.


In general, PXI controllers can be networked together in the same manner as any other standard computers. If you just wanted to connect them together and setup a network, then with the right file sharing settings, you could pass files back and forth. Were you looking to just network two controllers together or do more detailed control or streaming through Ethernet?

Timothy S.
PXI & VXI Platform Product Support Engineer
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