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how to demodulate FSK signal using pxi-4461


 how can I demodulate an FSk signal obtian form DUT using PXI-4461? Is there any explample program for demodulating FSK signal using pxi-4461 or anyother toolkit using pxi-4461?


 I am using Labview 7.1




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Hi Assumptha,


You can use Modulation Toolkit to perform this demodulation. There is not a FSK example using DAQmx but there is one for FM demodulation to guide you to the process. To perform a FSK demodulation, you can use the shipped example "MT FSK Mod-Demod.vi" located under LabVIEW x.x\examples\Modulation\simulation examples\Programming


Good luck,

Gerardo O.
RF SW Engineering R&D
National Instruments
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