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generating multple New waveforms on trigger

generating multple New waveforms on trigger



I am trying to do a burst transmisstion initiated by hardware triggers sent on PFI 1 . I  am using 5670 RFSG and 5660 RFSA.


My RFSG(AWG) generates the initial burst and sends a trigger on PFI 1 to the RFSA(5620 digitizer) which starts acquisition as soon as it gets the trigger.


Now what I  want to do is to send a trigger back from RFSA to the RFSG to send the next burst. I can export the signal from digitizer using "niScope Export Signal". But I dont know how to receive this trigger on RFSG(AWG). Is there any vi or example of RFSG that imports the trigger ?


I guess it is done by scripting but I can figure out how to . I have gone through the example  Multiple Arbitrary Waveforms.vi but what it does is that it writes multiple waveforms to the RFSG device at once and then switches between them .. My problem is that i want to write one waveform in one iteration and then another completely different waveform in the next iteration based on the received trigger.





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Re: generating multple New waveforms on trigger

Hi Dileep,


it sounds like you're looking to do hardware-triggered scripting. The RFSG example 'RFSG Script Trigger - Hardware Source.vi' (which is supported on the 5670, and can be found in the RFSG example folder) will allow you to specify multiple waveforms, and switch between than based on triggers on a particular hardware line (i.e. the PXI_TRIG line you're exporting triggers to from the RFSA).


Take a look at the example, and feel free to post back if you have any questions.


James M.  |  Applications Engineer  |  National Instruments 


James M. | Applications Engineer | National Instruments
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