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【URGENT】RFmxWLAN 19.0 Multi-point Noise Compensation ISSUE


The problem I faced is RFmx WLAN Noise Compensation function, After I use SFP to calibrate the Noise for 5840, then I use RFIC example for power sweep, RFmxWLAN would send the error, shows that such power point is not existed within database. pls help me to reproduce the issue then solved it, which deadline is this week.

Reproduce Process & environment is following:


STS 19.0 bundle (RFSG/SA 19.1, RFmx 19.0,RFIC TEST Software 19.0) + LV 2018 SP1

5840 loopback with LO shared (SG LO out to SA LO in)



1. SFP multi-point cal click with "LO shared" then load ALL WLAN channel to run the calibration.After several minutes, it would be done.


2. run “RFIC example + Auto Level.vi”, which changed from “RFIC Msmt Example DPD (Advanced) + AMPM + WLAN (EVM + SEM).vi” with auto level function. the VI file has been attached and the default value has been set.

To make sure that NC is working.

3. Run "dynamic Call-power sweep.vi" for power sweep. the ERROR out cluster @step 2 would show each time the database cannot found in such ref level, it's random for which power level is, and around 30% possibility that the ERROR shows. Don't know why.


here is the additional info, for single point cal results,which meet the spec(page 30):


the pic shows that the calibration can be run but, after the "auto-level", the code isn't attached since single point cal solution is not what I want, which stop me to build WLAN PA characterization system.


So the issue summary is here:

If single-point calibration for noise comp is working, which means the reason why multi-point calibration not working is the fact that the database which dealing with ref-level has bug. But, comparing with WLAN toolkit NC calibration utility, which shows that ref level is not part of NC calibration. So, this question is point to the RFmx WLAN calibration process, if multi-point calibration is not the tool that okey for use?


Looking forward your reply,




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does this program use hardware?

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