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PXI 5661 Replacement

I developed a system with the PXI-5660 and later upgraded it to use the PXI-5661 (when they discontinued the PXI-5620 digitizer). Today I see that the PXI-5661 last order date is 11/30/21.

I have a customer that wants to buy several systems over the next few years (first probably Jan 2022), so I need to upgrade again. Since we need to go as low as 2 MHz (the PXIe-5663 starts at 10 MHz), the logical choice (minimizing the redevelopment effort) is the PXIe-5665, but it's lifecycle state is "Mature" (meaning a few years from obsolete) and it's about $18K more expensive than the PXI-5661. Is there another option with a longer future lifecycle and/or closer to the cost point of the PXI-5661?



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It is probably best to consult with NI Sales team at company level since your test system product depends on it.


Looks like no current VST offerings are in the price range of 5661.

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