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NI-RFSA Application Broken on LabVIEW Basic

Is NI-RFSA expected to work on LabVIEW Basic?  How much of SMT should work on LabVIEW Basic?  The readme file doesn't seem to say which LabVIEW license RFSA supports:



I'm getting licensing errors on VIs that use SMT Spectrum Peak Search.vi or SMT Spectrum Peak Search (Advanced).vi. The error I'm getting is:

   NI_MAPro.lvlib:ma_sml_Spectral Info.ctl

   Library that contains the VI or item is not properly licensed.


SMT is a long-standing toolkit that has shipped with RFSA for many years, and I thought was required for full RFSA functionality.  I figured SMT would work anywhere the RFSA driver works, and am surprised to find it is licensed differently.


I have the LabVIEW Basic 2019 license on my personal machine for development. The examples I checked here:

   C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2019\examples\instr\niRFSA

are runnable.  I thought the SMT VIs were used by the RFSA examples, but apparently not (at least in the ones I checked).

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