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Bluetooth Application : Error 59


I'm labview7.1 user and testing the usb bluetooth adapter(Bluetooth Dongle) made by Advec.
My application is the bluetooth link (wireless) between 2 PCs installed IVT Blue Soleil(using LabVIEW or another programming language). It works good with IVT Blue Soleil basic driver.(Network access, File transfer, etc.) But LabVIEW cant't access it and I can't uderstand how I can access and program it in LabVIEW for my applicationI did do requirements on "Developing Bluetooth Applications with LabVIEW
like Win XP SP2 and later etc..
URL ::: http://zone.ni.com/devzone/conceptd.nsf/we...470F16A86256....

In bluetooth functions, "Bluetooth Discover" function say it can "Searches for all locally installed or other Bluetooth devices within the range of the Bluetooth network." But LabVIEW can't find out the local bluetooteh device... (even my NOKIA 6600 Mobile phone) Can this function really find out or Discover local bluetooth device?
Instead I am getting Error 59 which says Network unreachable or reset
 How can I configure the block diagram?I attatched the image file that I want to configure the Bluetooth link.http://forums.ni.com/attachments/ni/170/10...application.jpg .

My system : OS - Windows XP Pro Sp2 ,LabVIEW 7.1 , H/W : P4 1.7G 128MB...
Could Please anybody tell me that How can I configure my bluetooth dongle with LabVIEW
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Hi Alankar,

I will still say that the tutorial you mentioned, is one of the best sources for understanding how to set up a Bluetooth application:

Developing Bluetooth Applications with LabVIEW

What you should focus on to begin with, is to connect the two PCs over a Bluetooth connection, where one PC acts as the server and the other PC acts as the client. This is further described in the tutorial. You should use the following two examples to get started:

  • Simple Bluetooth Server VI: labview\examples\comm\Bluetooth.llb
  • Simple Bluetooth Client VI: labview\examples\comm\Bluetooth.llb

  • The error 59 that you are getting means " The network is down, unreachable, or has been reset" and is most likely just an indication that you haven't specified the correct Bluetooth address on the client side. Notice that you have to run the server VI first and then copy the "My Bluetooth Address" into the "address" field on the client before running the client.

    Let me know if it doesn't work.
    - Philip Courtois, Thinkbot Solutions

    Thinkbot Solutions
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    Hello Phillip

    Thanks for your reply,

    My problem is solved now , actually I had to use the Microsoft's drivers which I was not doing before (as I was using the drivers which came with the Bluetooth dongle).

    With Regards,


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    I face the same problem as you!My BT dongle is using the IVT BlueSoleil driver as well. I cant install the Microsoft BT driver.Here is my question:

    i)Does I ned to change the dongle?

    ii) How to find the GUID of the dongle?


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    Hello Kuah

    My problem is solved now actually when we deal with LabVIEW we have to use only Microsoft's drivers so we need not to install IVT Bluesolil drivers.

    Secondly you must have Windows XP SP2 , then insert your dongle into USB port and wait for a few seconds a Bluetooth Icon will appear in the systems tray , it means machine has detected your dongle and there is no problem with it , and ready to use with LabVIEW.

    So, Check for it and I dont think so you have to change the dongle....also you can find the Bluetooth device from Control Panel of your computer.




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    Thanks Alanka.

    My dongle is come along with the IVT software. I have install Win XP SP2 to my computer,but it seem like cant install my dongle with Microsoft BT driver, and there is no BT icon in the control panel as well.

    Do u mind to tell me, which model of dongle do u using now? My project is going to transfer ECG signal through BT module to the dongle in computer. But, the message 'Error 58 occured at BT Open Connection' is pop-out when i m gonna run my application. What is happening actually?

    Finally, how to find the GUID for the dongle as the ni person tat I contact say the problem may probaly cause by GUID.


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    If you have installed the XP SP2 and when you insert your dingle , PC will automatically detect the dongle , you not need to install Microsoft's driver......In my opinion you must run the Bluetooth examples provided alongwith the LabVIEW 7.1 you are using.
                  You must run the program and just try to send any data or string (i.e. try to establish a connection between two computers)using it before developing your application , it will clarify ypur problem.
    I hope it helps
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    Thanks Alankar. After I plug the dongle, it didnt install the Ms BT Driver, but the IVT software from the folder C:\windows\system32\drivers\btwusb.sys Then,after I put the GUID 'B62C4E8D-62CC-404b-BBBF-BF3E3BBB1374' in the simple bluetooth client vi, but the error keep coming out. Is it the dongle problem? Or the problem the vi tat i have developed? By the way, Alankar,can u email to me ur vi to be my references? Thanks for your time to try to solve my problem.
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    You need not to install MS drivers they are already there when u Install XP SP2 , I dont have my VIs now but you can check with NI Examples that works thats how I tried it out.
    And if your PC is not detecting the dongles then your dongle must have malfunctioned.
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    Yea,I know,the Ms Driver is come along with the SP2. My dongle work well with the software which come along,IVT BlueSoleil. But,when I have test out with the examples of BT in the LabVIEW, the error is pop out. Thats why I m wondering the following problem may occure:

    i)GUID code- I have no idea how the code is generated, or all the GUID code is same?

    ii) my dongle is not compatible with the Ms BT Driver. I wana know wats the brand of the dongle tat you were used lastime, to enable me purchase the compatible dongle.


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