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VI Analyzer Git Changed Files

Hi everyone,


Just posting a QD Plugin that I developed and it works only on Git changed files. It was based on some other posts/ideas in this forum, and to adapt a need for quickly running VI Analyzer Tests.


Default Shortcut was set to [V] [Shift +V]


For using this plugin you need of course the VI Analyzer Toolkit so you can access the API.

You also need the Git for Windows that installs command line tools.


This plugin does the following sequence:

  • Check for changed files (unstaged);
  • Analyze these VIs using the configuration file (same folder) (using shift alternate between two configuration files);
  • Show Results Windows;
  • Adds VIs (stage in Git) without failing tests.

Then you just need to commit.


Upload two versions:

- 2019 with abort button and the Config File (.viancfg);

- 2015 without abort button and the Config File (.cfg);


Tweak this plugin to suit your needs.


Any doubts/bugs leave in the comments.


Felipe Pinheiro Silva

Follow my blog for LV content!

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