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Show VI in Windows Explorer

This simple Quick Drop shortcut will find the location of a VI on disk, open a new Windows Explorer window at that folder location, and highlight the VI.  If the file is not saved to disk, a popup will warn you of this. 

To install this simply copy the VI to the <LabVIEW>\resource\dialog\QuickDrop\plugins directory.

To run it, press Ctrl-Space and then Ctrl-F.

To modify the key combination, press Ctrl-Space, click "Shortcuts..." and then navigate to the "Ctrl-key shortcuts" tab.

For more useful Quick Drop plugins, see the Quick Drop Enthusiasts community group.

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Will use this regularly.  Thanks!

Certified LabVIEW Architect
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One global to rule them all,
One double-click to find them,
One interface to bring them all
and in the panel bind them.
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The tag says LB2010, but this VI is for LabView2011, please can you put a LabVIEW 2010 version here for the unfortunate few who have not updated yet please? Many thanks!

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You got it, sorry about that.  2010 version is now attached...

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I have installed this plugin as specified above, but it does not show up in the "Ctrl-Key Shortcuts" window, could there be something I am doing wrong?

Many thanks, Alec

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The vi's path is:

C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2010\resource\dialog\QuickDrop\plugins\Show VI in Folder.vi

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Did you copy the 2010 version?  I see it just fine in the Ctrl-Key Shortcuts tab in my LabVIEW 2010:


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Nice feature.

The following snippet add feature to show selected subVI in the Windows Explorer when shift is TRUE.

Show VI-SubVI in Folder.png

George Zou
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I modified this too.  I updated the search so that if a file isn't in a folder, it keeps going up until it is in a folder.  This can happen when you try to open explorer to a VI in a LLB.  My method will keep going up then open explorer to the folder the LLB is in, and then select it.

I also modified it so that if you hold Shift the path to the VI is copied to the clipboard.

Open Explorer_BD.png

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