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Running out of keyboard shortcuts

Oh, and I wouldn't worry about the performance of the list - I know that the algorithm can easily handle tens of thousands of elements quickly, so adding a few dozen plugins shouldn't be a problem. The only problem would be with the panel, but like I said, just keep it closed if you want QD to respond faster. It can also work asynchronously, but I think if you want a quick response most of the time, it should just be closed.

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You all might be interested in "Mouse Gestures" available at JustGestures.com

In the grand scheme of other ways to invoke a command, this has proven particularly useful above and beyond the QDSK and even moreso into my OS environment.

Long story short, it watches for "RightClick+Drag" shapes or strokes and performs things like running VI or simulating keystrokes based upon the detection which is particularly powerful in this realm.


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Is there any solution for this over last 7 years?  Recently I'm facing with such overlapping of same shortcuts issue.  

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Check out Quick Run. It lets you assign multiple letter combinations to a VI. 


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