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Rewire Error Case Structure

This Quick Drop shortcut will take a case structure that contains an error tunnel and re-wire the error tunnel to the selector tunnel, turning the case structure into an error case structure.


To install this simply copy the VI and subfolder to the <LabVIEW>\resource\dialog\QuickDrop\plugins directory.

To run it, simply press Ctrl-Space and then Ctrl-/.

To modify the key combination, press Ctrl-Space, click "Shortcuts..." and then navigate to the "Ctrl-key shortcuts" tab.

For more useful Quick Drop plugins, see the Quick Drop Enthusiasts community group.

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This shortcut is great.  Can you post a version saved in LabVIEW 2010?

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This has some limitations, have a look at JKI's (Philippe Guerit) RCF version it works better.

I have updated this QD plugin myself to use the method Philippe's version does it.

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Hi Mikael,

Thanks for the heads up.  I realized after using this for some time that there were some unexplained problems that I didn't have time to look into and fix.  I'd definitely be interested in seeing your update.  However I downloaded the current attachment and it looks exactly like my original.  What part did you change?

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No I didn't change it, I did even know that I could, can I?
I just took your code and replaced the BD content of your sub VI "Reconnect wires.vi", and put in JKI's VI:

"JKI\RCF\Plugins\Wire Error Case Structure\_jki_lib_rcf_wire_error_case_structure.llb\Wire Error Case Structure - Wire Error Case Structure__jki_lib_rcf_wire_error_case_structure.vi"

It was that easy.

BTW, have you looked at my post on Lava: http://lavag.org/topic/16784-how-to-get-your-team-members-aster-lv-developers/ ?


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Very delayed, sorry I haven't been monitoring my "Forums" folder in my inbox. 

You can actually edit the document if you wanted to and update it with the changed code.  If you have the time/interest go for it, otherwise I can play around with it once NIWeek blows over and I have more time.

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I didn't know I could edit it.

I guess I need JKI's permission to use part of their code in the solution I'm using.

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