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Request for user input: Fast Terminal Wiring with Quick Drop

And what if those terminal icons would disappear, when user connected them? Then overlapping would not be such an issue...

Plus, if they could overlap, then it makes sense to name their labels with the same name of front panel components, to which they belong...

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PrimaryKey, such a plugin would require a lot of clicks + typing of text... Most probably it's the easiest way to implement it, but from usability point of view would be not such pleasant, as current one, or plugin from Saphir for example...

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I created a tool similar to this back in 2009 and still use it in my work flow. It was before quick drop and I still haven't got around to adapting it.



Hopefully it will give you some additional ideas. I created videos also to show how it works


My theory was to place the controls on the front panel and let the tool figure out where to wire them on the con pane. 


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