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Quick Drop Palette Object Shortcuts (NXG)

The attached file contains Quick Drop object shortcuts that you can use in LabVIEW NXG. These are the same shortcuts used in the default English object shortcuts list, with certain items omitted that are not yet available in NXG.



1. Download the attached zip file, and extract the contained XML file.

2. Launch LabVIEW NXG.

3. Go to the File > Preferences > Search dialog.

4. Click the Import shortcuts button.

5. Navigate to the XML file you downloaded.

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Hi Darren,


Are the action Quick Drop shortcuts supported in NXG?  For instance, the <ctrl + space> <ctrl + w> to wire compatible object together and the <ctrl + space> <ctrl + i> to insert a node in a wire.  I have become quite addicted to these performance enhancers and would like to use them in NXG as well.  


Thanks for your work on the QD, it has been a game changer for me.  



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I know there are some item QD features that are actually implemented natively in the IDE. For example, you can insert or replace and rewire the operation on the block diagram. To insert, you right-click on the wire and then type to search for the replacement. So a few QD shortcuts easier to use and find


Have you seen this link? ://www.ni.com/documentation/en/labview/latest/migration/differences-labview-labviewnxg/

(the bottom table goes through shortcuts)

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Hi Tom,

I had not seen that document, thanks for directing me to it.  That will help for sure.  I did know about the insert via right click, but as I am just starting to work in NXG it seemed really slow for me.  That said, my whole NXG experience has been kind of clunky.  Think it will just take some time to get used to.  The one I was struggling with was wiring several objects together, (QD -> ctrl + w) in LV, which that document showed is just <ctrl + j>.  Super happy to find that!






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I struggled when trying to scroll through case structures and NXG just kept zooming!  I never thought to try and add the shift key to it!

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I know exactly how you feel! I went through the same thoughts and had the same questions when I tried NXG for the first time! But after a while it seemed pretty natural.


You can watch my reactions to it here: https://youtu.be/48oaT4r90oE


Nb: The information I posted before (including that link) is thanks to Jon Soneson (NXG product owner) who commented on the video - so kudos to him.

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@McQuillan wrote:

Nb: The information I posted before (including that link) is thanks to Jon Soneson (NXG product owner) who commented on the video - so kudos to him.

I'm glad people at NI have found that video.  It looks like it has a lot of valuable information for design choices and feedback for someone that is new to NXG.

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