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Quick Drop Keyboard Shortcut - Create via_ignore Bookmark

Note 1: If you have the VI Analyzer Toolkit installed in LabVIEW 2019 or later, there is a right-click plugin that provides this functionality. You can right-click on a failure object and select Create > #via_ignore Bookmark to achieve the same result as the Quick Drop plugin provided on this page.

Note 2: There are two Quick Drop plugin VIs attached below. If you are in LabVIEW 2018 through 2022 Q3, use Create via_ignore Bookmark.vi. If you are in LabVIEW 2023 Q1 or later, use Create via_ignore Bookmark_2023.vi.


This plugin is intended for use with the VI Analyzer in LabVIEW 2018 or later, which provides the ability to ignore individual failures for certain VI Analyzer tests with #via_ignore bookmarks:


In this example, the 'Backwards Wires' test will be ignore for the wire attached to the bookmark label, while the 'Broken VI' test will be ignore for this entire VI (since the free label is not attached to anything).


The purpose of this shortcut is to aid the user in creating these bookmarks. You can use the shortcut in the following scenarios (which assume the default shortcut assignment of Ctrl-V😞


1. Select no items and press Ctrl-Space, type some text, then press Ctrl-V. A free label with the text #via_ignore, followed by whatever text you typed, will be created in the center of the diagram.

2. Select one or more items and press Ctrl-Space, type text, then press Ctrl-V. A free label with the text #via_ignore, followed by whatever text you typed in Quick Drop, will be created and attached to each selected item. If there was already a free label attached to the specified item(s), the typed text will be appended to the end of that label (along with the #via_ignore bookmark if it is not already present).

3. If you are browsing results in the VI Analyzer Results Window and you employ scenario (1) or (2) above, without typing any text in Quick Drop, then the name of the test associated with the current selection in the Results Window will be automatically added to the created bookmark label.


To install this shortcut, save the attached VI (depending on your version, see Note 2 above) in one of the following locations (no LabVIEW restart required):

<LabVIEW 20xx>\resource\dialog\QuickDrop\plugins

<LabVIEW Data>\Quick Drop Plugins


This shortcut works in LabVIEW 2018 and later.

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One of my favorite features in LabVIEW 2018.




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Neat and I'll try this out for sure.  I'm sure you've already thought about the fact that CTRL+V is already a almost universal shortcut for performing paste in the Windows operating system.  While I have a hard time suggesting a more appropriate shortcut I'm not a fan of this using V.  I used to have the CTRL+V quick drop in the past and found that it would prevent me from being able to paste into the QD window.  While I didn't do it all that often there were times when I wanted to be able.  Still useful and if it made it into 2019 as CTRL+V I'd probably just change it to something else.  I actually have the Past Clipboard Table QD shortcut which I feel is a more compelling reason to use CTRL+V and have for me assigned it to CTRL+O just because I didn't want to lose my ability to paste.


I guess a compromise might be, that if CTRL+V is taken by a default function, I'd like the ability to right click, and select paste in the QD window which at the moment I can't.

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I use Ctrl-V to paste text in Quick Drop too (actually used it several times in a demo during one of my NIWeek sessions this year). If this plugin ships with a future version of LabVIEW, we'll use a different shortcut. As a general policy I try to avoid using Ctrl-A/C/V/X for QDKS assignments. In this case I threw the plugin together fairly quickly and couldn't think of a better letter to use. 😛

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Found out that this works great if you are launching VI analyzer normally, but if you create a quickdrop shortcut to launch VI analyzer and then display the results window, it runs in a separate application context (not the editor) and the quickdrop shortcut never finds the vi analyzer results window to see which test is selected and then add the ignore. 

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Is your Quick Drop shortcut launching the Results Window via the VI Analyzer API? Specifically, with the 'Show Results Window?' input to VIAn Run.vi? If so, it looks like I open the Results Window in a different app instance for a programmatic analysis vs. an interactive analysis, but the Create via_ignore Bookmark code assumes the interactive analysis app instance.

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I just posted an update to the plugin. Here are the changes:


1. The plugin should now properly retrieve information from the Results Window regardless of how it was launched (UI, API, etc.).

2. If you have a nested cluster constant selected, the free label will be created and will be attached to the top-level cluster.

3. If the selected object already has an attached label containing the name of the current test, the shortcut will no-op.

4. The new attached label is now always dropped on the top-level diagram, so that diagram object arrangement (like structure auto-grow) will not be affected by the new label.

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