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Quick Drop Keyboard Shortcut - Create FGV (and RT FGV)

This Quick Drop Keyboard Shortcut creates a new  Fonctionnal Global Variable (FGV) based on the wire, control, indicator or constant  data type selected on the diagram.

If the selected data type refers to a Type Definition, the FGV will use it.

Two kind of FGV can be create based on these templates:

  1. A "classic" FGV with the basic actions: Initialize, Read and Write

  2. A Real-Time FGV with the same actions but define as a subroutine so that it can be skippable (NB: the property "skip if busy" is a property of a node not of a VI, that is to say you must define it by right-cliking on the node on your diagram)

Both templates can be modified, only the Variant In, Variant Out and Variant Cst label cannot be changed.

Follow these instructions to install and use this shortcut:

  1. Place the contents of the attached zip file in your <LabVIEW>\resource\dialog\QuickDrop\plugins folder.
  2. Select a wire, a control, an indicator or a constant.
  3. Press Ctrl-Space.
  4. Press Ctrl-E to get a FGV or Ctrl-Shift-E to get a RT FGV

This shortcut works in LabVIEW 2012 and later.

NB: 2013 version include fix related to Quintin and J.Harv comments

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Ho by the way... Any comments or suggestions are more than welcome

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Get use for a QD shortcut!  It seemed that I had to select TWO controls/constants of a given data type for the FGV VI to be created, is that intended functionality? Also, a enhancement that came to mind was that it would be good to already have the enum action set as a type def.


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Very cool idea!  Thanks.  A few pieces of feedback:

1) Took me a couple minutes to figure out I had to select 2 things to make it work.  Not sure why that is when all I wanted was a simple test FGV with a double type.

2) After figuring out #1 above, I assumed the intent of selecting two things was to auto create the cases/states/actions.  But creating an enum for my states and selecting it (along with my value constant) did not transfer those values to the FGV that was created. It probably wasn't intended to, but this would be really, really cool if it did.

3)  Ummm.... the error terminals came out in French?  I didn't even know French was installed or available on my computer.

Thanks again.

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Thanks Guys for the feedback !

2013 version include a fix related to your comments

Thank again

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