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QDKS - State Machine from Enum

I am kind of emo to post my first QD here. I figured this one would be of use for quite a bunch of developers.

Goal :

Pretty much everyone uses state machines as this is a rather basic but efficient design pattern that can be mixed together with others DPs. Whichever the platform (RT, FPGA, Win), an application will most likely include a state machine (or more!).

First thing : create the enum that will describe the states of the machine. Yeah well, with this QDKS, that's roughly the only thing you will need to do.

How-To :

- Copy the attached QD VI to the usual directory.

- Configure its key (S is fine !)

- Select an enum terminal or constant in your BD. Make sure there is some free space at the right of the enum.

- Ctrl+Space Ctrl+Key. You've earned a state machine corresponding to the enum items.

Before and after using the QDKS :

Before_QD.png          After_QD.png

Hopefully this will make y'all earn some repetitive seconds...

Eric M. - Senior Software Engineer
Certified LabVIEW Architect - Certified LabVIEW Embedded Systems Developer - Certified LabWindows™/CVI Developer
Neosoft Technologies inc.

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Hello Eric,

What is the default short cut key to place the state machine through Quick drop? And if there is none, what should I type in the Quick drop window to find it? I am using LabVIEW 2010 and later versions.

Thanks for your help.



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Hi Chetan,

There were a few issues with the 2010 version of the plugin. I updated it (and renamed it) so that it would work properly in 2010. Please download the new 2010 plugin and give it a try.


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Hello Darren,

It worked. Thanks and have a great day.



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You can bring VIs with you to exams now?

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Ofcourse Not

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