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QD Plugin to checkout perforce vi

This Quick drop plugin will checkout vi in perforce.


How to use:

Click Front Panel/Block Diagram of a VI and press the shortcut key.
1) Ctrl+Shift+Shortcut Key - Checkout LabVIEW files in new changelist.
2) Ctrl+Shortcut Key - Checkout LabVIEW files in predefined changelist number.
The predefined changelist number should be hardcoded in order to checkout files.
Steps to hardcode the changelist number:
i) Open Perforce and create new changelist : Right click on Pending tab and select 'New Pending Changelist'
ii) Enter the description details and click 'Save as numbered list'
iii) Note the new changelist number and replace it in the quick drop VI.

Note: These perforce commands will work if and only if
1) P4 Workspace name and Computer name are same.
2) Default p4 login credentials should be saved in Regedit.
Open 'Regedit' from start menu and navigate to 'Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Perforce\Environment' and then set P4 user name.

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