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QD Ctrl-Key Shortcuts for Align objects

I'm looking for the functions that do Align Left and Align Right. I use both of these a lot to clean up my terminals on my BD (along with the Ctrl+T QD Shortcut for Move Terminal Labels). Where can I find the functions for these features? If I could just call a. dll in the QD plugin VI that would save me a lot of time.

I guess more generically - is there documentation for the dlls in the LabVIEW resource folder? I'm making an assumption that the dlls in the resource are the ones responsible for these features, correct me if I'm wrong. I could probably think of a couple other LV features that I wouldn't mind mapping to a QD shortcut.

Looking for where functions for stuff like this are buried:


I know there's shorcuts for some of this stuff already, but it would be nice to know where the functions are though so I can play around with some custom functionality if I wanted to from a QD plugin VI.


Joel Carroll

National Instruments

RF Systems Engineering

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Uhh.....what? Why would you call a DLL to align an object?  Why not use scripting?  Here is the align quick drop function I use which supports distribution as well.


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That was my initial thought, but I figured it would be easier to leverage code for existing functionality rather than recreate the behavior in scripting. Thanks for the link, I missed it when skimming through the List of Community Quick Drop Keyboard Shortcuts.

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And I would reverse that and say it would be much easier to leverage scripting tools that exist, rather then recreate the behavior from scratch, with undocumented features that NI buries in binaries.

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As a general rule, you'll go straight to scripting to try to recreate editor functionality programmatically. If it's not possible through scripting, it's probably not possible at all.

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