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Paste-replace sub VI

did you know you can copy a control, select another, and paste to replace? Would you like to do the same thing with sub VIs and constant on the block diagram? Then this shortcut is for you:

ctrl-shift-v to copy the path of a selected sub VI / typedef.

ctrl-v to paste-replace over a selected sub VI / constant

It does work by storing the path of a vi / typedef on the clipboard, so the source has to be a saved sub VI or typedef. It also means you can copy the path from a text document, and paste-replace from there.

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I'm not sure but I think this quick drop has similar functionality to yours.

There you can copy a object (not just a VI but a primative node) with CTRL + C, then use the replace command in quick drop (CTRL + P) to replace an object.  He also has an insert that works on the same concept.

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