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Make Scrollbars visible QD

Today I rembember back whenn I got the first time in the Situation where I got a VI without Scrollbars either in Edit or Runtime mode of the VI. Their are two ways to change that. First is to go to VI Property Window and set the apporpiated Option or use this Quick Drop PlugIn:



After you press STRG + S:


I'm looking forward to any feedback!

Update: I added a new Version inspired  by the Post of J.Harv. Now the PlugIn Rotate Scrollbar Option rotates between "Allways On", "Allways Off", "Unvisible during Runtime"

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A couple of issues I noticed:

  1. You should change the Undo Name to something other than the default "Quick Drop Keyboard Shortcut"...something like "Show Panel Scrollbars".
  2. There is a race condition in the plugin...you could conceivably end the undo transaction before showing the scrollbars.
  3. Why is there a '2014' version of the plugin? It looks identical to the other VI.
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Thank you so much for review it!

  • I changed the Undo Name
  • Solve the rece condition

Looking forward to feedback to more feedback!

A Ideas came into my mind that it would be easy to include a kind of rotation - so everytime if you use the Quick Drop PlugIn it will change from allways visible to allways unvisible to unvisible in the runtime. Any thoughts to this?

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Does this work with the panes scroll bar options?  Especially with that last idea for (un)visible during runtime.  When starting a new project with several panes it always seems like there is a small period of continuous scrollbar tweaking, which this would make much easier?

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