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LV2023 type Quick change plugin



I've seen a video about the new quick change option in LV2023 and I think it could a cool feature for earlier versions as well. This is plugin is not the exact copy of the quick change feature. I've seen that for about 30 seconds, and I wanted to have something like that. (so dont expect the same. Example: converting a thing to something else it a two-stage process with this plugin. First to something to label and the label to something.)


This plugin only works on the block diagram!


Converting a something to a label:

  1. select any of the followings: string constant, 1D str, 2D str, enum, ring, 1D numeric, 2D numeric, 1D bool, 2D bool
  2. Hit the QD shortcut (CTRL+N by default)
  3. your stuff will be converted to a label


Converting a label to something else:

  1. Select a label
  2. Hit the QD shortcut (CTRL+N by default)
  3. A menu appears where you can select the target datatype





  1. pre-alpha version. As far as I know myself it most likely will stay in this stage forever
  2. conversion errors: converting DBL to label and label to DBL is 10 digit precision! Be careful not to loose important precision!
  3. I have not tested with SGL and other rather exotic numeric types
  4. For a while I experienced crashes when converting label to something else. It seems adding a 100ms delay to the main VI solved this problem, but I dont understand why. So it might not solved that at all, and you'll see crashes. Try increasing this time to see if it helps.
  5. Other random errors might occur.



Copy both the VIs starting with OB to: c:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\<labview version>\resource\dialog\QuickDrop\plugins\


Copy the playground VI to whereever you want to test out the plugin.


Hope it helps.



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The plugin works when more than one constants or labels are selected.

Fixing new line constant issues.

Duplicated menu item fixed.
Still seen some crashes, delay increased to 250ms

The plugin deletes the orignal constant or label. Press SHIFT while running the plugin to prevent the deletion.

Some comments added to the playground VI.

Lots of bugfixes.

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How to install:

- copy the zipped folder to \Documents\LabVIEW Data\Quick Drop Plugins\Quick change\

- (if you previously used this plugin from labview \resource\dialog\quickdrop\plugins then I suggest to delete if from there. The Labview data folder is the right place)


How to use:

See the original post


New features:

- the conversion happens in one step

- Boolean, Numeric and Path constants are supported

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