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How to use Quick Drop to run a VI Analyzer configuration on the current VI?

I would like to create a Quick Drop shortcut to run a previously saved VI Analyzer configuration on the current VI. Is this possible?


I noticed that the VIAn Easy Analyzer.vi runs on the VI(s) specified in the configuration. I want it to ignore that list in the configuration (or I can configure it as blank...).


Possibly a Ctrl-Shift alternative would allow the user to specify a folder to run the configuration on.


The reason is that our team would like to standardize on a configuration that matches our style guide. I have already created this configuration or at least a starting point. It would be great if it worked with quick drop and automatically chose our configuration.

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I figured it out using the Advanced VI Analyzer API...


I do have a follow on question. Is there a way to display the VI Analyzer Results Window using the API (with the cool click through feature) instead of creating a web page?

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I like this idea and you should share your code if you get a working QuickDrop plugin.  That being said when I run a series of VIA tests I usually spend some time configuring VIA on what tests I want to add, and configuring each test's settings.  Does your plugin just select all tests with default settings?  Or is there a config file that is used telling the QuickDrop plugin what settings should be used?

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I'm happy you like the idea. I've been working on a configuration for VIA that matches our team's style guide. The quick drop just runs VIA with that configuration on the current VI. I also have an option for Ctrl-Shift that allows the user to select a VI or folder to run it on. I'll look into posting it if I can figure out how to make it generic. Maybe the generic version should just run with defaults?

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I got a similar thing working, my results are attached.

Definitely bloated code but it was a throw together quickly based on pieces and parts from other areas.



unzip into quickdrop plugin folder, has a second VI that goes into the "SubVIs" folder.

If you have a desired VI Analyzer configuration file to use, set the default value of the front panel control to the configuration file desired.  Otherwise it will just default to running all tests known by VI Analyzer.

Ctl-A will analyze the current active VI

Ctl-Space-A will analyze all open VIs (not part of vi.lib)

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