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Documentation Shortcut

I'm terrible and writing VI documentation and it gets me in trouble. I hate having to right click on something or go through the menus to get to the important textbox so that I can update my documenation. On top of that, my company requires me to put some boiler plate on every VI.

So here's a quickdrop plugin to do that. All you do is open up quickdrop, start typing your documentation in the combo box, then hit my shortcut (default CTRL+S). The combo box text goes right into your VI's description, the boiler plate text is updated, and life goes on.

Hold shift when you hit the shortcut and it'll pop up an input field where you can edit existing documentation.

Boiler plate is configurable. The first time you use the shortcut there will be a pop up for the available fields. They're all optional. If you want to change this in the future, hold shift when you hit the shortcut, and then click the Config button.

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Hey DerekMGI,

greate Work i like it very much! It will help a lot to speed up VI Dokumentation.


King Regards


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Hi Derek,

It didn't work for me. I'm running LV2012 sp1 32-bit.

I unzip the file and put everything in <LabVIEW 2012>\resource\dialog\QuickDrop\plugins.

I created a new vi, ctrl+space to activate the quick drop and typed something and ctrl+s. Then I ctrl+I and check vi description, it is empty but the cursor moved to the third line.

Am I doing something wrong?



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jozhang, I see the same thing as you when I type into the Quick Drop box. If I leave it blank and type and hit ctrl+s and type the text into the popup box it works.


Want to make sure I understand the what you are tyring to acomplish.

When I first read your description for this shortcut, I thought it would add the documentation on what ever I had selected (controls, indicators, subVI...). But it looks like it actualy adds the Documentation text to the VI you are in/have open not the object you selected in the VI.

Is that what you intended?

Using LV 2013 SP1 on a Win 7 box.



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RE: R^2

Yeah, this is what I intended. I'm not a big user of control/indicator/etc documentation so it hadn't even occurred to me.

This only modifies the VI's documentation.

RE: joezhang

Thats a bug, sorry. If you leave the "copyright" text blank, it won't work. the workaround it to just put any alpha-numeric string in for your copyright text. I'll post a fix after NI week.

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