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Change in QD functionality in LV 2013

So I have been working on a simple plugin to do some basic numeric formatting for me on multiple objects. I originally wrote the plugin in 2012 and would use typed input in the QD window to trigger different actions (i.e. "rj" = right justify selected numeric controls). It worked great in 2012, but when I ported to 2013, it was no longer working. When I investigated, the QuickDrop Parse Plugin Variant returns different info in 2013 than 2012. If I typed "rj" in 2012, it would return exactly what I typed. In 2013, I get the top result, even if that result is not a valid one (greyed out). For example, if I type "rj" in 2013, I get "Round LED" returned by the variant parser.

So why the change? Was it intentional? Should I not be using the QD window like this? It seemed convenient for me and more so than opening an addition dialog to perform the actions. One action I really liked was to be able to type a format string in the QD window and have it applied to all selected numerics, but that will no longer work.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.


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The Parse Plugin Variant VI is intended to return a palette object name or a project item path. If you want to get the exact text typed in the combo box, just use the QD Combo Box Ref input to your plugin VI, and read the Text.Text property, like this:


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Thanks Darren. That did it.


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