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Generate a TTL signal with BNC-2110 using Python

Hello everyone,


I need to generate a TTL signal to control an AOM(acousto optical modulator) in real time. 

I got a BNC-2110 block from NI which is connected to a PCIe-card. My idea is to connect one of the PFI-channels to the 'User-Defined Signals'-BNC ports and use the output to turn on and off the AOM. 

So far all other instruments are controlled via Python, so I would like to do the same with the BNC-2110.

My problem is that I am rather unexperienced in handling the 'nidaqmx'-packages. I know that I can somehow set the 'DigitalDriveType' or the 'LogicFamily' but I do not know how to actually generate an output. 

I found a few examples but they are not commented, so for me as a beginner not really helpful.


I would be grateful for any advise.

Thank you very much in advance.


Best regards,




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