Predictive Analytics with LabVIEW

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Creating your LabVIEW 64bit Big Analog Data and Predictive Analytics Platform

LabVIEW 2014 64bit offers a unique and powerful platform for Big Analog Data(tm) and Predictive Analytics applicaitons.  Listed here are toolkits to consider installing with LabVIEW 64bit to create a Big Analog Data and Predictive Analytics Platform

  1. Advanced Signal Processing Toolkit (the 64 bit version is available on NI-Labs)
  1. Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite  (Excellent Signal Processing and Feature Extraction Toolset)

  2. Multicore Analysis and Sparse Matrix Toolkit  (Excellent fundamental matrix operations for large data sets)

  3. Machine Learning Toolkit (NI R&D Developed classification and pattern recognition toolkit)

  4. NI Watchdog Agent Prognostics Toolkit for LabVIEW ( prognostics toolkit)
Preston Johnson
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Allied Reliability Group
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