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sbRIO-9608 and GPIC (NI 9683)

Hello folks,


Just wondering if anyone has started to use the sbRIO-9608 with the GPIC?

The newer model looks to have a roughly 2X more capable FPGA compared to the 9607.

I downloaded LV 2019 and started to play with it but cannot get a simple FPGA VI to compile. I have a support ticket open with NI but just checking to see if someone else has started to play with it already.

Excited about this new device since we are already running up against the limits of the Zynq 7020 on the 9607!


Cheers all.

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Hi, have you been able to compile anything yet ? I just started using NI sbrio 9608 with NI 9683, and i am running into synth errors when i try to compile

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Are your compile problems resolved?


Our development team has confirmed that both the NI 9683 (12-bit GPIC) and NI 9684 (16-bit GPIC) are supported on the new sbRIO-9608 and sbRIO-9609 controllers with powerful Artix-7 100T and 200T FPGAs (https://www.ni.com/en-us/shop/select/compactrio-single-board-controller). NI has performed hardware validation on them as well.


Note that the sbRIO-9608 also supports TSN time synchronization, which has great benefits for synchronizing grid tied inverters in renewable and microgrid applications. 

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Hello BMac,


Thanks for the information.


I will let LabviewToday and atifmaq answer for themselves, but I was able to compile the FPGA code for 9609 on labview 2019 with compactRio driver 19.6.0.


However, In terms of porting over the floating point math IP cores from 9607 to either 9608 or 9609, I simply created an additional condition for the conditional diagram as below




and re configured the Xilinx IP as below,




and that was it. The FPGA vi compiled and I am able to port all the floating-point math IP cores over to the 9609 project.

Because the controller (9609) hasn't arrived yet, I am not sure if this method will give the same results and if there is anything I should be careful about or I am missing?




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Good day, 


Sorry for sending this message, I'm in need for four sbrio-9608, by any chance do you have spares that you willing to sell.


Kindest regards


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yes i can sell plz share your contact details >> arun@electronosolutions.com 

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here is my email



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