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FPGA floating-point libraries error (NI sbRIO-9651)

Hello, I'm using the FPGA floating-point libraries on a PED-Board (www.ped-board.com) with the NI sbRIO-9651 and I'm experiencing the following error. I successfully completed the regeneration of other IP Integration Node Support Files but when I use the "Greater than" function the procedure fails. I tried on a different PC and I encountered the same error using the "Less than" function.

error greater.png

Have you ever experienced the same issue? How can I fix it?

Thank you all for the help.

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It looks like you need to regenerate the Xilinx Coregen support files for the FPGA target. First, make sure you have installed Xilinx Compilation Tools for Vivado 2014.4. Also make sure that all your development is in a very short directory path (like subfolders of C:\LabVIEW 2015), since Xilinx Coregen generates very long paths. Then open the subVIs, navigate to the conditional compile structure for your target (i.e. Zynq), and open the Xilinx Coregen block configuration. Then regenerate the VHDL code. After completing this and clicking OK, the broken run arrow should be gone. Do this for any broken IP cores. Then compile your application.

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Hello BMac, thank you for the help!

Today I finally fixed the issue reconfiguring the IP but i had to change some settings because the operation was set to Add/Subtract in the "Operation Selection" tab:


I selected "Compare" --> "Programmable" and then I set the Interface Options Tab as follows:


And then:




I had to change the same parameters for the "Less than" function. Are these settings right? It seems to work now.

Thanks a lot


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Is this problem solved? I have reconfigured the Xilinx IP and compiled it successfully in NI sbRIO 9607. But I am not getting any output when the VI file is executed in an SCTL loop. Any solution for this. I will be thankful for any help in this regard.

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