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DC/DC converter

Hello ,

 I'm working on the efficiency of photovoltaic panels.
I will then need a PV, a DC / DC converter and a load.
To increase the efficiency of this panel, I will use an MPPT algorithm that will be implemented in the DC / DC converter to control his duty cycle.
To programm this algorithm, I will   use the data from the panel (current, voltage) in LabVIEW.
So, I want to know how can I implement this algorithm in a DC/DC converter . Do I have to design a electronic card  for conversion? or there is a NI module to do this work 
And what  modules I should have?
Thank you 
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Hey, Did you find any solution to your challenge?

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It depends on different things to choose the cards (voltage and current levels mostly) and the platform where you would run the application. The link below might give you an idea of what things to take into account





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