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Can I use Labview 2018 with Windows 10 OS for GPIC projects?

Hello all, I am new to this group and also to Labview FPGA. I have recently purchased an SBRIO-9607 and RMC 9684 for power converter control application therefore I suppose would be here for long . 🙂
My OS is Windows 10 and I am using Labview 2016, because of the known compatibility issues I am unable to reconfigure or even use some of the FPGA IP cores provided by Brian.
I have noticed that Labview 2018 is fully compatible with Xilinx Vivado, has anyone of you guys tried using GPIC reference design on Labview 2018?. Is it recommended to move to LabVIEW 2018 when you are using Windows 10 PC?


PS: I use cloud compilation services for compiling, the compatibility issue is affecting mostly with the IP Integration Nodes (IPIN).

Thank you for the response.

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